Insight to Gambling Addiction

Insight to Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a hobby which offers the players a different thrill and experience as they challenge their luck for multiplying their money. It is a sport of strategy and patience, which has no limits on the winnings. While gambling is done by people for socializing or on a professional level, many fall in the invisible trap of addiction without realising it sooner. There are generally three types of gamblers – the social gamblers, the professional gamblers, and the compulsive gamblers. Social gambling is the line between professional and compulsive gambling which can make or break the careers and financial stability of people.

Social gamblers usually start gambling to escape their busy lifestyle to have some fun. It is similar to going on a vacation or meet people at a 9club5 bar or restaurant. From here, some get lucky pretty early, which encourages them to play more. While some of them take gambling more professionally and have control over their decisions, the others fail to identify their excess playing habits and suffer from the consequences of gambling addiction.

The root cause of the gambling problem

gambling problem

No one disagrees that gambling has negative consequences in the financial management of people. It only depends on how well they can manage their finance while taking out some money for gambling. Gamblers are said to have a problem only when their gambling becomes totally out of control. The simplest way to realise it is if you start giving gambling more priority than your time and money despite how badly it is affecting you. Although gambling does not have any physical consequences, it causes impulse-control disorder which makes a person unable to control their impulse to gamble despite knowing that it is affecting them.

Signs that you are a gambling addict

Since there are no physical symptoms, it is hard to differentiate between a gambling addict and problem gambler since all addicts are problem gamblers, but all problem gamblers are not necessarily addicts. The symptoms of gambling are not like addictions to drugs and alcohol, but some signs can tell how badly you are trapped in your gambling habit. Some signs of gambling include:

gambling addict

Being secretive about your gambling habit.

Being too aggressive and or thrilled about making big bets.

Relying on gambling to escape real-life problems.

Borrowing money from others to gamble.

Not seeing the consequences while gambling.

Change the mood and behaviour due to gambling.

These signs can tell that you have a problem and gambling is taking away the time from your life which you should be using to meet your family and friends. Gambling addicts mostly cut off from the world if the fear of being confronted with taking money from others as well as for their gambling habit. The consequences of gambling addiction can even lead the addicts to commit robbery and even take extreme steps such as suicide. It is really necessary to understand and control the problem and improvise on your habits before it becomes a serious matter.


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